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Jeremy Pelt: From Classical, Perhaps One Day to Classic

By Published: September 19, 2005
Jeremy Pelt, Identity (MaxJazz, 2005)
Mingus Big Band, I Am Three (Sunnyside, 2005)
Vincent Herring, Mr. Wizard (HighNote, 2004)
Rene Marie, Serene Renegade (MaxJazz, 2004)
Wayne Escoffery, Intuition (Nagel-Heyer, 2004)
James Moody, Homage (Savoy Jazz, 2004)
Ralph Peterson, Test of Time (Criss Cross, 2003)
Lonnie Plaxico, Rhythm and Soul (Sirocco, 2003)
Jeremy Pelt, Insight (Criss Cross, 2003)
Jeremy Pelt, Close to My Heart (MaxJazz, 2003)
Vincent Herring, All Too Real (HighNote, 2003)
Wayne Shorter, Alegria (Verve, 2003)
Jeremy Pelt, Profile (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2002)
Mingus Big Band Tonight at Noon: Three of Four Shades of Love (Dreyfus, 2002)
Ralph Peterson, Subliminal Seduction (Criss Cross, 2002)
Louis Hayes & the Cannonball Legacy Band, Dreamin' of Cannonball (TCB, 2002)

Rene Marie, Vertigo (MaxJazz, 2001)
Soulive, Doin' Somethin' (Blue Note, 2001)

Photo Credits:
Photo #1: David Sinclair
Photo #2: Jimmy Katz
Photo #3: Ben Johnson

Photo #4: Ssirus W. Pakzad

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