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Online Musical Collaborations 2.4

By Published: March 6, 2003
KW: The composer of a new tune will decide what parts/instruments he wants for the tune. He then decides whom he wants to play on the song. A rough sketch/scratch track is created via a PC, or stand-alone type recorder.

The song is digitized into an industry standard mp3 file, which compresses it into a much smaller size for sending over the Internet. Sometimes sheet music is sent depending on the complexity of the tune.

The first musician loads that mp3 file into his computer, studies the composition and decides what to play. After recording a new part on another track-along with the original track in near perfect sync, a new mp3 file is created and sent back to the composer.

The composer decides if a retake is needed or any other polishing up to the song. When the new track is ready, the composer makes a new recording of it and then prepares to send it to the next musician and so on.

When all tracks are done, then the composer makes a final mix of it. Then it can be uploaded to various websites for Internet promotion and playback.


KW: I have 3 CD's of all original music that feature some of the Funkdawgs members. Some of the best songs from these CD's might include:
  • Dilemma on Duncan St - from "Ambient Earth," mainstream jazz
  • Jumpstart -from "Caldron of Joy," fusion jazz
Some other notable tunes from our collection include:
  • Sidewaze - from "Ambient Earth," a bluesy R & B number
  • Cool Inferno - by Bill Lawrence, progressive fusion rock
  • Something Brewin' - by Bobby Brewer, progressive bluegrass
  • Cintra - by Carl Eichman, Latin-fusion jazz
  • 4th dimension, Fizz, Los Caminos - by Bob Johnson, fusion jazz
I have done many sessions with the Funkdawgs over the last 2 ? years. We probably have 5-6 CD's total of all original tunes. Our latest project was producing a CD of play along tracks for Saxophone Journal magazine, an international publication for wind players. Bob spearheaded these magazine projects.

The 'Dawgs wrote 5 tunes for the CD, that includes full versions of the songs, music without the melody and lead charts. In 2001 we did another similar project for Jazz Player magazine. That article detailed how to produce music in a home studio on a budget, as well as provide music and lead sheets for all of the tunes.


KW: Working with the core group of musicians in the Funkdawgs has opened up many opportunities for collaborating with other folks out there-who want to create new music. I feel that all of the many tunes we have done as a group really shine in one way or another.


KW: We are polishing our skills as online composers as each new song rolls in for production. We hope one day to actually get together for a live performance!

Writer's Note:

Part 3 of this particular musing features another outstanding musician from Germany, named Mathias Claus. Mat is making the step from online collaborations to include live performance events for he and his virtual colleagues.

Part 3 - Mathias Claus [His Online Collaborations become a Live Event]

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