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With Friends Like These...

By Published: September 13, 2005
So, the reasonably well-paying gig ($4-10,000) - upon which a multi-city tour could be built, developing the artist's audience, opening new markets, increasing product sales along with general visibility, and without putting smaller, more dedicated presenters at too much risk - has been virtually eliminated in exchange for the occasional high-paying gig (at the whim of the plantation heads). The bottom line? Fewer gigs, less people to be directly touched by the music, and less money in the hands of the musicians.

As for the sucker bait line of musicians finally getting paid the kind of money they deserve - isn't it better to have a healthy and balanced regular diet rather than gorging oneself on the occasional feast?

Next time, we'll take a look at the myths and the corresponding truths to the various plans, initiatives and promises that are being spun by today's Jazz business hierarchy and their stooges with the same disdain for honesty and truth as the way Fox News toadies up to the Bush regime.

'til then,

Peace & A Love Supreme

Marty Khan

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