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How to Win Friends and Influence People to Jazz

By Published: August 17, 2005
In summary, the way to overcome the impression that jazz is just random noise is to explain the people who created, prospered, and perpetuate it. And on a side note, $50 says that Diana Krall could take Britney Spears in a fair fight.

For the absolute newbie—that is, someone who has no opinion of jazz whatsoever'it is only necessary to share your favorite music, and your enthusiasm, with them. How often have all of us been exposed to something we might not have liked otherwise and convinced of its merits by someone whose opinion we trust and respect? Be careful, however, not to come on too strong. The lure of seduction is the best path to disarm the sure resistance to the unfamiliar. How do you think I got into the überblonde's apartment in the first place?

My point exactly.

In summary, the quickest way to get jazz to the heart of a newbie is to send it from yours.

So there you have it, a few handy tips for overcoming preconceived notions of jazz and for bringing it to fresh ears. And in the bargain, a neat lesson in how to coast through a perfectly passable monthly column without an ounce of inspiration or a single original thought in your head. This is why I am a Genius.

Till next month, kids, exit to your right and enjoy the rest of AAJ.

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