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Dzijan Emin: Flood Of Ideas, Part 1-2

By Published: August 25, 2005
AAJ: Tell me about the work you did with prof. Nikola Kodzabashia. Last year The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, which was performed by Zlust, was voted as album of the week by BBC Radio 1.

DE: We have been great friends with Nikola Kodzabashia much longer before he moved to London. We had a project in the past called Alshar. In the meantime, we communicated a lot with him and he hinted that he wanted to work with us. We were happy to accept, and the conditions were suitable since we have our own studio, which means thing would go smoothly. He came from London; we had 2-3 sessions in the studio including other musicians like Aleksandar Pop Hristov (Achek), and a saz player, Sheazair. To this very day I never found out his last name. Not even Gazmend, who brought him, knows it. It all happened very spontaneously. Nikola had some ideas, he presented them, we listened, played them and some interesting things occurred. I even sing on one composition, "Ave Tatho."

In general, Kodzabashia is both a great musician and an organizer. He has a genuine sense and concept for organizing the sound and the musicians as well, and he did those things very smoothly this time. In the end, he took the best performances and packed them into this release. The reaction was great since the album won many prizes, received rave reviews around the globe, and we were happy that we were part of that. Most of it was recorded in our studio that at the time was located at Makoteks. The place was so small that it was already too tight when 10 people were inside. I remember a sad moment when Miyo broke his bow. We really didn't have much space there. The concept of Reveries was based upon a Byzantine theme (The Hymn of the Virgin Mary). The approach we took is something typical for the chalgia music where you are given a theme and it's up to you where you will take it.

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