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Sam Rivers: High Octane Octogenarian

By Published: April 6, 2004
There’s little chance of that happening with Rivers on the bandstand. Although he has already changed the course of jazz, he continues to look to the future. “One day I’m going to get a grant and I’m going to show everybody,” he says. “They give these grants to people and they get these grants and you never hear from them again. I feel that they probably know that I would do something with it. I would create a scene like I did in New York on my own money, like Studio Rivbea. I would like to get a grant so I could change the course of the music. Preserve some of the music that creative musicians are doing...because I know how to do it.”

Suggested Listening
Fuchsia Swing Song (Blue Note, 1964)
Dimensions and Extensions (Blue Note, 1967)
Streams (Impulse!, 1973)
Crystals (Impulse!-ABC-Universal, 1974)
Waves (Tomato, 1978)
Inspiration (RCA, 1999)
Celebration (Positone-Rhombus, 2004)

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Photo Credit
Mark Sheldon (sax)
John Ballon (flute)

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