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Freddie Redd Reconnects

By Published: August 10, 2005

That could change with the scheduled reissue of The Connection. With his recently recorded hard swinging International Connection CD available from his website,, and a high powered Bebop Live show coming in August, Redd makes a strong transition into the 21st Century. "I'm getting ready to do a concert a Barnsdale Park for Rocco, I'm going to have septet that night, August 5th. It's free concert, Union Trust money gig. But, I've got some dynamite artists: Herman Riley, Phil Ranelin, Sal Marquez, Zane Musa, Herb Nickman on bass and Clarence Dawson on drums. We're going to have a lot fun that night. Calling it Bebop Live. You put that kind of dynamic together and it generates something special. It's not anything you can really speak about, it just needs to be in place. Oh, it's going to be a hot night, spontaneous combustion. We're going to be doing bebop classics and some of my things. So, we'll really get the bebop message out. That music is really very special. When you put those kinds of spirits together, that energy, you can't buy that."

"We as musicians, if we're into our music we want it to relate. And they don't have to understand anything, we're not trying to get them to think about jazz, think about bebop. Just let the music play, and you'll get it. The message will come through, because it's just that powerful. It really got me on the right track. I'm really a blessed musician. especially in bebop influenced by Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Monk, coming from a time where I could go and hang out and learn from them. Oh, my God, what an incredible time. I can remember all the really beautiful moments, and one day I think I'm going to pen them."

Selected Discography (as a leader):
Freddie Redd and His International Jazz Connection (Fair Play in Jazz, 2005)
Redd's Blues (Blue Note, 2003)
Everybody Loves a Winner (Milestone, 1990)
Live at the Studio Grill (Triloka, 1988)
Under Paris Skies (Futura Swing, 1971)
Shades of Redd (Blue Note, 1960)

Music from The Connection (Blue Note, 1960)
Introducing the Freddie Redd Trio (Prestige, 1955)

Photo Credit
William Clayton

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