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Guitarist Steve Khan

By Published: March 25, 2004

AAJ: That's really moving. Sometimes you never really know someone until they have a chance to be there for you in a way you never thought they could. What's coming up for you in the near future?

SK: For now, the present and the future is tied to the Caribbean Jazz Project which features the brilliant Dave Samuels (vibes and marimba) and Dave Valentin (flute)... we've been joined by Rubén RodrÃ-guez on bass; and Richie Flores on congas. For the newest recording, PARAÍSO (Concord Picante) we used Luisito Quintero on a hybrid timbales kit and Dafnis Prieto on drums... alternating tracks between them. I don't think anyone would want to try to predict what will happen, but I do know that this is a tremendous group and the potential to do wondrous and new things in Latin jazz is all there. I am just hoping for the best, but prepared to accept whatever happens.

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