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The Dead Keep On: Truckin' Up to Buffalo

By Published: July 17, 2005

Just as the Dead saw themselves as merely participants in the cultural gestalt of the Sixties, so did they view single songs as merely pieces of their overall performances. Accordingly, this show begins to gain intensity with the first-set closer, "Deal, and ends up being one of a series of crescendos that might still escape the notice of listeners and viewers too impatient to notice the imperceptible flow at work here. Those naysayers might even argue against the existence of such flow, even with virtually no interruption of the footage, a format which may bore some viewers and delight others for whom the interaction of musicians is the ultimate theatre.

Likewise, there is no interview footage included in an attempt to explain or analyze what's just happened or just about to: as only a single disc, it may be true that this is one DVD with a notable lack of special features—apart from its Dolby 5.1 audio mix, a setlist and an option for visible lyrics i— but it's also true that if there is one band whose performances stand (or fall as the case may be) on their own merits, it's the Grateful Dead.

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Tracks: Set One: Bertha; Greatest Story Ever Told; Cold Rain and Snow; Walkin' Blues; Row Jimmy; When I Paint My Masterpiece; Stagger Lee; Looks Like Rain; Deal.

Set Two: Touch of Grey; Man Smart, Woman Smarter; Ship Of Fools; Playing In The Band; Terrapin Station; Drums; Space; I Will Take You Home; All Along The Watchtower; Morning Dew; Not Fade Away. Encore: U.S. Blues.

Personnel: Jerry Garcia: lead guitar and vocals; Mickey hart: drums; Bill Kreutzmann: drums; Phil Lesh: bass; Brent Mydland: keyboards, vocals; Bob Weir: rhythm guitar, vocals

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