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Festival International de Jazz de Montreal 2005, Day 2

By Published: July 2, 2005
Earlier in the day, your correspondent had a chance to speak with Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson, who was to play solo that evening in a double bill with Fred Hersch. He stated that he doesn't play solo all that often, less because he prefers a trio format than that the opportunity doesn't come very often. He also somewhat debunked the notion of a Nordic Sound (more of a Norwegian thing anyway though he has played with all the guys ostensibly responsible for it) and his adherence to it. Keep in mind that Stenson may be the only musician to have played with both Stan Getz and Don Cherry!

Sadly, scheduling misinformation had your correspondent thinking he was on second, thus there would be plenty of time to get to the show after Charles Lloyd. This unfortunately was not the case and only the tail end was heard, a slow languorous piece that sounded very much like a loooooose interpretation of "Round Midnight (it was a quarter to 12, after all). Rather than sounding Nordic, it was steeped in the blues with some classical flourishes. Given that small snatch and the standing applause at the end of the set, one can only assume the performance was memorable. Ah, the jazz festival lifestyle of running around!

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