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Tel Aviv Free Jazz White Night

By Published: July 2, 2005

The following night Jemeel Moondoc's quartet performed to a different audience—much older and not the typical follower of this breed of adventurous jazz—in the more classy hall of the Israeli Opera, but managed to charm this satiated audience. Moondoc, drummer Chad Taylor, and bassist John Voigt performed in the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival last year and gained quite a local following after that concert. This time they brought with them saxophonist Sabir Mateen, offering an arresting night based on Moondoc compositions and one by Sun Ra. This quartet presented such a telepathic communication between all players, playfulness and a deep knowledge of jazz heritage that you can easily figure out the threads with Ornette Coleman legendary quartet or the cosmic vision of Sun Ra, but always enjoy the originality of all the players while you try dancing while sitting in this hall's fancy seats.

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