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Prelude to a Kiss-Off

By Published: June 16, 2005
Needless to say, neither I nor anyone else at Outward Visions was invited to the table when the fine arts world decided to "embrace Jazz. We'll examine why that was (and still is), along with what has resulted from its participation in the next installment. Don't think I'll be crying the blues about how we got screwed. We didn't. We had plenty of other options. It was the musicians who got the screwing.

To close this section, a couple of comments on what I hear has been the heated response at AAJ to the first installment of this series.

It's important to understand that I'm not writing from the position of some chicken-hawk armchair general theorizing and postulating on something in which I have little or no direct experience. Nor am I a paid Jazz journalist speaking with the dubious "authority that carries. I've been in the trenches. My knowledge is first-hand. Even my severest critics (the professionals I mean, not the dabblers, dilettantes and self-declared experts) know that I know what I'm talking about.

As for the politics, there is a significant difference between me and those who are complaining and demanding that AAJ stop carrying my writing because of my liberal "bias (I call it a position), and it's more than our conflicting viewpoints. You can escape my thinking with a click of your mouse. I'm forced to live with the realities that you and your kind have inflicted on all of us with your synthetic mandate and totalitarian aspirations. Demanding my removal from this site only gives evidence to my claims of what y'all really are.

Until next time,
Peace & A Love Supreme.

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