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Jonathan Batiste: Times in New Orleans

By Published: May 22, 2005
"Theme Music is ten-minute trip through the time and space continuum with everyone taking a turn at the wheel while the rhythm section of Batiste, Marsalis and Naraoka keep pace through a complex arrangement. This composition is a lesson in dynamics and discipline. Trumpeter Maurice Brown, flutist Clarence Johnson III, alto saxophonist Chris Royal and tenor saxophonist Douget round out the ensemble. If funk is your thing, then this is your theme music.

Jonathan Batiste has put together a debut disc that would be excellent even if it were his fourth, fifth or sixth outing. He certainly will mature as a composer, arranger and performer and continue to develop his own voice. I guess I'll just have to keep moving to this disc until a follow-up comes along.

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Until next time, see you 'Round About New Orleans.

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