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Jazzkaar Festival: International Jazz in Estonia

By Published: May 11, 2005

But the important thing is that someone's digging it. If Jazzkaar stands for anything it's a showcase for the increasingly diverse and divergent musical styles that nestle under the ever-accommodating umbrella of the 'jazz arc.' We've witnessed two nights of incredibly varied, international sounds, none of which conform even remotely to the clichéd images of jazz: no smoky basement clubs, no sharp suits and track marks, no Times Square insomnia laments. In fact, no American acts in sight at all.

And this is the other important message that Jazzkaar brings. It is more obvious than ever before that the music we still call jazz has, by now, transcended its American origins, has become a truly global folk music, a music that assimilates and makes room for all other musical forms with which it comes into contact, which allows cultures the world over to express themselves in a shared tongue, a common idiom that all nations can understand.

Yes, jazz was born in America, remains probably the single greatest contribution the Land of the Free has made to the modern world, its ultimate artistic statement. But jazz is evolving relentlessly. It continues to mutate and grow. Jazz will survive long after the names of the nations of the world are nothing more than memories, in a time when all men will be free. Where there is jazz, there is hope.

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Annika Metsla

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