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Jammin' On The Hammond: An Organ Summit

By Published: March 13, 2004
Seeing Joey DeFrancesco and Jimmy McGriff sharing an organ, a feeling of bliss as the past, present and future were all told. This was the consistent theme for the entire evening, transcending time and generation through the music and the instrument that inspired and united these artists. Years between them, past experiences with players and new, all of these books were opened, but it certainly does not end here. As each of these amazing individuals can still be found playing and paying tribute, they still seek to find inspiration in music elsewhere and bring it out into the world as they always have. Dr. Lonnie Smith has joined forces with seasoned guitarist Rodney Jones as a member of his Soul Manifesto project, along with Idris and legendary alto player Arthur Blythe, breathing new life into the groove movement with their self-titled album out on Blue Note Records. The Philadelphia Experiment, started by Roots drummer and producer Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, features Pat Martino on guitar, bassist Christian McBride and organist Urie Caine. Delving into the electronic movement and expanding upon the endless possibilities of creation, ?uestlove guides this project into the future with their self-titled release on the Rope-A-Dope label. Guitarist Randy Johnston and multi-reed man James Carter have been cooking things up a bit as well, adding their names to list after list of hot players to soon join in the rankings of the greats.

Retrospection and progression, remembrance and persistence, these are the themes of today, of what we have before us. Please be aware of what is being created around you and become an active participant.

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