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The Music of Andrew Cyrille/Michael Carvin & Joseph Jarman

By Published: March 13, 2004
Sparing the reader a blow-by-blow account, several things are worth mentioning. First, both drummers really seemed to be enjoying themselves, especially Cyrille playing on his birthday. This was a reunion of sorts of "Weights and Measures", Cyrille and Carvin's periodic collaboration. Besides infusing their playing with joy and enthusiasm, the rapport the two have fomented over the years only made the interplay stronger. Drums are never really taken much notice of (unless they are played badly) and it is a misapprehension that all drummers take the same approach to the instrument. Seeing two drummers demonstrated this fact, if only through the radically kit different set-ups. The performance served both as a drum clinic on numerous common and uncommon techniques (e.g., Carvin humming and screaming into his drum head, cymbals played while on drum heads) and a celebration of rhythm. The pieces were punctuated by humorous commentary by Carvin and Cyrille, making the act fun in a way that many shows do not come close to matching. Drummers and non-drummers alike could be seen tapping their hands on seats during and after the rousing closer of Coltrane's "One Up One Down".

Andrew Cyrille is simply the most exciting drummer of his caliber playing today, and New York is lucky to have him play frequently in many different scenarios. Even problems with a new pedal could not slow him down. Those concertgoers, who normally shy away from percussive blowouts, would be well served to see Cyrille playing another duet with an empathetic partner. The experience he has gained by playing on so many seminal albums guarantees a remarkable show.

The Joseph Jarman Quintet: Joseph Jarman (woodwinds); Myra Melford (ap, harmonium); Michele Navazio (ag); Jessica Jones (ts, fl, perc); Ken Yamazaki (perc) Andrew Cyrille/Michael Carvin Drum Duo: Andrew Cyrille (drm); Michael Carvin (drm)

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