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Simone Guiducci: Dancin' Roots

By Published: April 24, 2005

S.G: That's an easy question to answer. All three of the records Gramelot Ensemble has made for Felmay: Cantador in 2000, Chorale in 2002 and the most recent Dancin' Roots. However, I have to say that sooner or later I want to record a live Gramelot concert because I think we show our maturity at its best in concert.

The recordings of our summer tour in 2003 with Ralph Alessi, which include some of the tracks from Dancin' Roots (not yet edited at that time) as well as all the best tracks from our previous records are the best examples of live Gramelot concerts.

AAJ: What are your plans for the near future?

S.G: I'm becoming more and more convinced that "diversions" off the main road I'm following with Gramelot are not fruitful and are even damaging. So, I'm thinking of just going ahead with only a couple of projects as well as making some records. I have just been in Cologne in Germany where I took part in a recording to be issued by Nicolas Simion in a quintet which also included Zoltan Lantos on the violin and Krunoslav Levacic on drums. We'll probably tour a bit in Germany and Eastern Europe next year. I am becoming more and more convinced that performing thirty concerts a month with thirty different programs, which some of our musicians try to do while they are on the crest of the wave, is not meaningful in an artistic sense. Music for me is nothing other than a great pleasure and a source of stimulus; I can no longer look at it as only a job. Last year, I too went on tour like a spinning top with trains, planes and hours in traffic jams on the motorway. Now, as well as responding to invitations to present Gramelot (which come quite often fortunately), I can stay at home and study or turn my guitar towards the hills and sing, or go out to eat a big plate of "capunsei" with my wife and son. My part-time work as a guitar teacher means that I can choose.

However, in more concrete terms, I have in mind to do, sooner or later, some work with Gramelot which will again involve Erik Friedlander, another extraordinary musician who tests the limits and who left me feeling exhilarated and inspired after a few days working together. My main aim as a musician is, as always, to learn from those who inspire me. This is something worth putting all my energies into.

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Article translated by Isabella Celentano.

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