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All Saxophonists Will Be Shot On Sight

By Published: March 28, 2005
As for this new medium, we need to look only to the supplier of most of our products, especially at Walmart, the People's Republic of China, and how they are censoring the Net. They started with email, scanning millions of millions of messages daily for keywords and algorhythms that were a "danger to the Communist Party and the freedom of our people." Then the Chinese government worked with Google, to eliminate the ability to search for certain words, and block designated websites from search engine results. The boys at Google and the Chinese Communists make a rather odd couple, no?

Now the Chinese are organzing censorship down to the provider level, scanning user logs for offending addresses. As reported by the New York Time, the amount of information about individuals collected by the Chinese government is "nearly Orwellian."

With this model firmly in place, other countries running on fear will no doubt adopt their own version of these techniques. We may look back on the early years of the Net as the only time information could be shared freely. These past ten years, will soon be known as the good old days on the Internet.

And pretty soon, in a decade or two, those of us who aren't imprisioned for filesharing, will all be singing the same song, over and over. Or else.

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