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Al Di Meola: One Of These Nights

By Published: March 24, 2005
This is a tough disc to fault, unless one is an MTV-type unable to watch a theater production, or at least AMC's movie channel. It's definitely superior to the Live At Montreux 1986-1993 DVD which meshes together more diverse material from one solo and one trio show, but is an unremarkable performance made worse by poor audio and video production (not to mention a third billed concert that seems to be missing). Di Meola fans not hung up on his Return To Forever days will find much to appreciate, while those who've never heard his work and enjoy this type of music are likely to develop an instant rapport, made all the easier by observing him bringing the audio equivalent of a tapas smorgasbord to life.

Personnel: Al Di Meola (guitars, synths); Mario Parmisano (piano, synths); Gumbi Ortiz (percussion); Ernie Adams (drums); Andras Sturcz (cello); Gyula Benko (viola); Gabor Csonka (violin); Victor Uhzik (violin)

Track Listing: Innamorata; Misterio; Azzurra; Orient Blue; Rhapsody Of Fire; This Way Before; One Night Last June; Fugatta; Libertango; Beyond The Mirage; Egyptian Danza

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