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Meet Marvin Stamm

By Published: March 25, 2005
Upcoming events

Most of my work is on the road, but it seems that this year I am doing a lot of playing around the New York area. I'm going to be playing a couple of concerts and club gigs in New York with Virginia Mayhew, a wonderful tenor saxophonist. I'm doing several things with Bill Mays, with his trio and with my quartet. The group will be playing this July at One Station Plaza in Peekskill, NY—a club where a lot of people like Joe Lovano, John Patitucci, and others are playing. I'm doing a couple of recordings—a new CD with the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band and also a guest soloist spot on a new CD of trombonist Scott Whitfield in tribute to his mentor and friend, Nat Adderley. I'll be doing some concerts and workshops at various schools and also teaching at a summer camp for a few days. I'll be playing at a couple festivals and most likely doing a Jazz cruise in December with Mike Vax's Kenton Alumni Band. I may also be going to Europe later in the year. And through it all, I will be performing with the Westchester Jazz Orchestra. Like a lot of the musicians who are able to work and make a living playing Jazz, I'm doing a lot of different things.

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