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Sons Díhiver 2005, Paris Ė Vision IV "Au coeur des cordes"

By Published: March 25, 2005

The third piece, Cooper's episodic "911-544" piece from the latest CD, evolves from Jenkins sawing and rasping at the violin, mixing melodic fragments with rhythmic scrapes, before he is joined by Sirone's densely woody arco. Cooper picks out notes on the piano as another characteristic 3 way improv ensues. Sirone solo, plucking and pattering, leads into a brief rendition of the portentous main theme. Cooper takes up the baton - a one man band on marimba, piano and ride cymbal simultaneously. The piano/marimba unison line is fractured as Cooper extemporises short marimba breaks while he continues the piano line, before setting off a lush synthesiser backdrop. Jenkins and Sirone intone the theme in unison over the synthesiser before giving way to the finale with Cooper wailing on musette, as he echoes the theme on synthesiser and percussion.

The final piece is a blur of intertwining lines with Cooper interpolating on piano, before moving behind his kit to build a sustained wall of sound on cymbals. Jenkins and Sirone both pluck away, the latter almost throwing notes off the back of the stage over his shoulder. A brief Cooper solo brings the piece, and the evening, to a conclusion at 12.30, some four hours after it started, and we all stumble out into the Paris air. What a night!

Photo Credit
Frank Rubolino

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