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The Stone: John Zorn's Latest Downtown Venture

By Published: April 7, 2005
The austere website was designed and launched by another of Zorn's associates. The special edition CDs will also be produced for a fraction of the typical cost, thanks to the goodwill of people within the community. Laswell is donating his studio for the recording, while Scott Hull, who masters Tzadik releases, will offer his services. A to Z Music Services, which manufactures CDs for Tzadik, also offered a deal to support the venue. The CDs will be distributed exclusively online through the Downtown Music Gallery, which is forgoing its typical cut so that all proceeds go to The Stone.

"It's some kind of weird, organic formula that makes sense to me, Zorn says. "I think it can work and I feel like I have to give it a chance. The Stone is meant to be a place for focused listening. It will have a small stage, a simple sound system and a piano and should accommodate an audience of around 80-85 people.

A mentor and champion of the usually transient scene, Zorn hopes to create something lasting. The sense of permanence and stability that Zorn hopes The Stone will provide is reflected in its name. It also honors the late Irving and his wife Stefanie Stone, two longtime supporters and friends of the downtown community. Ultimately, it is all about community for Zorn.

"We are a small utopia in a sense - that's what the music is: it's music by people who believe in what they're doing, it's music that comes from their heart, it's free of a large measure of greed and hypocrisy, Zorn explains. "It's as close to the truth as we can get.

Visit The Stone on the web.

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