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"Stealing" Music Legally at

By Published: March 12, 2005
If one is looking for a moral justification - an admittedly shaky proposition - perhaps a "shareware mentality where albums deemed worthy are subsequently purchased from mainstream sources is one suggestion. For others, the debate may be unnecessary, since sites like offer options where albums don't cost all that much more and the rightful owners get their dues.

Author's full disclosure: By writing this review I am, of course, admitting to acquiring albums from a source of questionable legality. As such, I'm in no position to condemn others who do so, but I will state my personal policy is any "keeper album that can be legitimately and reasonably purchased - $300 from somebody at eBay is not "reasonable - will be (as someone who has opted for the study/ collection of jazz over grad school, it seems safe saying I spend well in excess of the average listener). Also, while I have some unease about the full-length previews, I admit they have proven valuable at times as a reviewer when a quick listen to obscure material is needed.

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