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Alana Davis: Can You Hear Me Now?

By Published: March 17, 2005

AAJ: That's cool, because you can get some seconds and fourths in there.

AD: Right, that's exactly what it brings out. And I'm a guitarist that taught herself and my technique is probably so wrong, but it's all about what I hear. I don't know what I'm playing but if it sounds right, I'll play it again.

AAJ: It's all about hearing it.

AD: Yeah. If I have a gift its probably being able to hear something, some colors. I've got this beautiful note and its like: what on Earth are you playing? And I'm like, "yeah!".

AAJ: You want to make a note of it and make sure you can do it again.

AD: Well, I can but don't ask me to describe it. I can play it in front of you and do it but I can't tell you what the hell I'm playing! (laughs). But if it feels right, its right, right? I don't know, my life's little rule.

AAJ: Yeah, that's right. Well, we'll have to play sometime. Are you coming to SXSW or anything?

AD: You know, I don't know yet. I really want to. Even if we're not in it I'd like to come.

AAJ: Great, I think it'd be fun.

AD: I think it would, and I've never done It. It's on the list. Tell me when it is again?

AAJ: Last year it was about March 17th. Second, third week in March (Note: SXSW 2005's music segment is March 16-20th).

AD: Ok. Alright. I'll put that on the list. Are you gonna be there?

AAJ: Oh yeah, always. It'd be great to see you.

AD: Well, let's chat.

AAJ: Sure, thanks, Alana.

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