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Fantasy Records: An Archive of Many Lifetimes

By Published: February 8, 2005
If I were charting the course for a major catalogue of music, that would be my main concern. With Concord, they've already got the mechanism in place to release the Fantasy catalogue on CDs, they've got Fantasy Records. They don't have to change anything. It works.

But what they should really consider is, how can Concord become the Fantasy of digital delivery? How can a major catalogue utilize digital distribution to market and distribute their music? Verve and Blue Note are already doing it on I-Tunes and Rhapsody. The Verve Vaults on I-Tunes releases music from the Verve catalogue digitally. They just take the music and put it on a server, avoiding manufacturing costs. That allows them to release music that may never appear on CD.

I have some other "predictions" but I'll save them for future entries. In the meantime, a well deserved toast to Fantasy Records, and their archives. May people be listening to this music for an eternity.

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