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Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, and Bill Frisell

By Published: March 12, 2004
The final piece of the set, a three-minute ditty from the pen of Motian, was appropriately entitled "Drum Music". It brought the more-than-memorable Vanguard festivities of that Friday evening/early Saturday morning to a close. The audience showered the musicians, appreciative and seemingly exhausted, with relentless applause that followed them to the back of the club. After five straight minutes of riotous clapping, accompanied by howls and whistles with no sign of an encore (even though some "Encore!" chanting also briefly rattled the small room), a Vanguard representative worked his way to the stage for an ominous announcement. In so many words, he said, "There will be no encore, but they will be back for two more nights"... all of which were sure to be sell-outs. Given that these are three of the busiest musicians in the business, we should be grateful for this annual reunion - and though much more frequently appearing than Haley's Comet, just as stellar.

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