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Anat Fort: Make It Happen

By Published: February 4, 2005
Whenever I go to hear Paul play now (and I do quite a bit...) I thank him for it. He always dismisses it: "I didn't do anything, man. It's a good record, that's all". But he did do something, and a very significant thing. While I created the situation of playing and recording with him that was, essentially, a dream come true - Paul initiated one little thing. He talked about it to the people he thought would be interested out of his own sheer enthusiasm about the project. He really, truly cares about what is new out there and he is interested in helping it be heard. And I believe he understands that by helping musicians he believes in to be heard, he really helps the MUSIC to thrive. He knows that is the natural course of evolution...and he is still, at 73 years of age, out there, doing it, making sure the right music finds the right ears because that is the only way to keep it growing.

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