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William Parker: Solo Bass and Much More

By Published: February 2, 2005

The evening concluded with Parker performing a brief duet with the opening musician on the program, guitarist and bazookee player, Ayman Fanous. To be completely honest and in the interest of journalistic disclosure, Ayman is an old high school friend of mine. He is a practicing psychiatrist and medical researcher in the metropolitan area, but he also has considerable experience playing and performing creative music. He has been a student of Bern Nix, Ornette Coleman's brilliant harmelodic guitarist from Prime Time, and plays with many other improv legends when his schedule permits; his band mates have included violinist Jason Hwang, Tomas Ulrich and oud virtuoso Simon Shaheen. He organized the show and demonstrated his creative connection between flamenco, jazz, middle eastern music, and creative improvisation. The duet with Parker was entitled "64"; Parker explained that the number of strings on the bass (4) and the guitar (6) add up to 64 - utilizing new math. Fanous demonstrated his skill as a harmelodic and free player, kept up with Parker in every way with rapid fire staccato notes, and contributed greatly to the discussion. The two concluded their performance together, each of their respective phrases punctuated in an identical manner, until the lines drifted off into a uniform conclusion. At apt ending to an overwhelming evening.

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Photo Credit
Frank Rubolino

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