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Rod Stewart: Hot Rod, Jazz God

By Published: January 29, 2005
Meanwhile, The Smirk continues to rake in cash and pile up accolades. Stardust was nominated for another Grammy; a musical theater production of his 22 greatest hits, titled "Tonight's the Night," recently opened in London; and, in the ultimate gesture of commercial superstardom, MTV offered $45 million to turn his life into a reality show. Mr. Stewart respectfully declined, but told the World Entertainment News, with characteristic aplomb, "When I look at my household with my kids and dogs and dog shit, it's very, very similar to Ozzy [Osbourne]. Both of us have got this paranoia about dog poo." Classic. Even without the MTV deal, chances are you and I will be seeing and hearing a lot more of The Smirk in the coming years. "I think it's an impossibility to run out of these songs," writes Uncle Rod on his website. "I could probably make six albums of these songs quite easily."

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

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