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Saskia Laroo: Jazz Yatra 2004

By Published: January 23, 2005
This was the Jazz Yatra — I have tried to show just a glimpse here. I had missed the legendary Jean Luc Ponty the day before, due to various engagements elsewhere — this is a jazz festival that is second oldest and third largest in the world. Last year it was a "European Jazz Yatra" and this year Jazz India is toying with the idea of having a "Latin American Jazz Yatra." The word 'yatra' in Hindi means a pilgrimage, rather an apt label for a jazz festival I must say! I am in touch with Gabriel Estryk — a musician and events manager who is lining up three genius performers in this genre — two bands from Argentina and one from Brazil. I may try and get all the bands for the twelve slots in the 3-day long festival.

If any readers know such hidden geniuses, and the world outside the USA is creeping and crawling with jazz artists who need exposure, please ask them to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Hey all you brilliant young jazz artists out there, contact me if you want to travel to India and perform. There are increasingly attractive opportunities here not only for performing, but for cross-pollination via Indian Classical Music, which at times appears pretty close to jazz, especially in the improvisational regimes.

Till next time then, take care, write to me and have fun: put some more jazz in your lives and see how it sparkles!


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