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Publisher's Top Picks for 2001

By Published: January 3, 2005
The following CDs were culled from the 100+ releases that were designated as publishers picks throughout the past year. Though I thoroughly enjoyed them all, these sixteen represent the finest and most exciting releases of the bunch. They also spent the most time in my CD player!

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For all the publisher's picks, go here .

In alphabetical order by artist's last name...

Karrin Allyson Ballads: Remembering John Coltrane (Concord)
Bob Belden Black Dahlia (Blue Note)
Roy Campbell Ethnic Stew and Brew (Delmark)
Vinicius Cantuaria Vinicius (Transparent)
Marc Copland Haunted Heart & Other Ballads (hatOLOGY)
Chick Corea Past, Present & Futures (Stretch)

Bill Frisell Blues Dream (Nonesuch)
Dave Holland Not for Nothin' (ECM)
Greg Kurstin Action Figure Party (Blue Thumb)
Adam Levy Buttermilk Channel (Lost Wax)
Barney McAll Release the Day (Transparent)

Sam Newsome Global Unity (Palmetto)
Eric Reed Happiness (Nagel-Heyer)
Jim Rotondi Destination Up (Sharp Nine)
Ken Watters Southern Exposure (Summit)
Jack West Big Ideas (Ahead Behind)

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