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Publisher's Top Picks for 2002

By Published: January 3, 2005
The following CDs were culled from the 100+ releases that were designated as publishers picks throughout the past year. Though I thoroughly enjoyed them all, these sixteen represent the finest and most exciting releases of the bunch. They also spent the most time in my CD player!

Be sure to click the links below to read the reviews. For additional reviews, search AAJ by the CD's title. For all the publisher's picks, go here .

In alphabetical order by title...

John O'Gallagher Axiom (CIMP)
Trio Da Paz Cafe (Malandro)
Trio Mundo Carnaval (Khaeon)
Bill Carrothers Duets with Bill Stewart (Dreyfus)
Michael Blake Elevated (Knitting Factory)
Tom Harrell Live at the Village Vanguard (RCA Victor)

Mario Pavone Mythos (Playscape)
Moutin Reunion Quartet Power Tree (Dreyfus)
William Parker Raining on the Moon (Thirsty Ear)
Matthias Lupri Same Time Twice (Summit)
Steve Lantner Saying So (Riti)

Ted Rosenthal The 3 B's (Playscape)
Mulgrew Miller The Sequel (MaxJazz)
Frank Kimbrough & Joe Locke The Willow (Omni-Tone)
Chris Potter Traveling Mercies (Verve)
Medeski Martin & Wood Uninvisible (Blue Note)

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