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London Calling

2004 in Review: From John Cage to John Peel

By Published: January 2, 2005
November The London Jazz Festival found room for a trip down memory lane with The Ganelin Trio, and also for a wonderful double bill of Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor. The Braxton set was his first over here for a few years, and the highlight of the festival. Otherwise, it seemed dominated by jazz-pop vocal crossovers of the kind that has enabled Jamie Cullum to sell albums by the million. It is good that jazz is so popular again!


While we can, let's pause to celebrate I'm sorry I haven't a clue , easily the funniest programme on BBC Radio 4, hosted by trumpet legend and band leader extraordinaire Humphrey Lyttleton, who is also the funniest man on radio. Listen .

The seventh edition of The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD arrived just in time to ensure that I do very little over Christmas and New Year other than thumb through it endlessly. As addictive as ever!


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