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The Complete Jazz Casual Series

By Published: December 27, 2004
Bill Chase, Paul Fontaine, Dabby Nolan, Gerry Lamy, Billy Hunt (trumpets); Phil Wilson, Henry Southall, Kenny Wexsel (trombones); Woody Herman (clarinet); Sal Nistico, Carmen Leggio, Jackie Stevens (tenor saxophones); Tom Anastos (baritone saxophone); Nat Pierce (piano); Chuck Andrus (bass); Jake Hanna (drums).

1. Jazz Hoot; 2. Just Squeeze Me; 3. After You've Gone; 4. Cousins

DVD 5:

Modern Jazz Quartet (May 16, 1962):

John Lewis (piano); Milt Jackson (vibraphone); Percy Heath (bass); Connie Kay (drums).

1. The Golden Striker; 2. If I Were Eve; 3. Winter Tale; 4. Lonely Woman

Dave Brubeck Quartet: (October 17, 1961):

Paul Desmond (alto saxophone); Dave Brubeck (piano); Gene Wright (bass); Joe Morello (drums).

1. Take Five; 2. It's a Raggy Waltz; 3. Castilian Blues; 4. Waltz Limp; 5. Blue Rondo a La Turk

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra (April 22, 1968):

Thad Jones (cornet); Snooky Young, Richard Williams, Randy Brecker, Danny Moore (trumpets); Garnett Brown, Benny Powell, Jimmy Knepper, Bob Brookmeyer (trombones); Jerry Dodgion (alto saxophone); Jerome Richardson (alto and soprano saxophones); Seldon Powell, Eddie Daniels (tenor saxophone); Pepper Adams (baritone saxophone); Roland Hanna (piano); Richard Davis (bass); Mel Lewis (drums).

1. Just Blues; 2. St. Louis Blues; 3. Kids Are Pretty People; 4. Don't Get Sassy

DVD 6:

Dizzy Gillespie Quintet (January 17, 1961):

Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet); Leo Wright (alto saxophone); Lalo Schifrin (piano); Bob Cunningham (bass); Chuck Lampkin (drums).

1. Norm's Norm; 2. Blues After Dark; 3. Lorraine; 4. Tocatta from Gillespiana

Cannonball Adderley Quintet (October 24, 1961):

Nat Adderley (cornet); Cannonball Adderley (alto saxophone); Joe Zawinul (piano); Sam Jones (bass); Louis Hayes (drums).

1. Scotch and Water; 2. Arriving Soon; 3. Unit Seven

Muggsy Spanier Dixieland Band (December 6, 1963):

Muggsy Spanier (cornet); Robert Mielke (trombone); Darnell Howard (clarinet); Joe Sullivan (piano); George Pops Foster (bass); Earl Watkins (drums).

1. St. Louis Blues; 2. Beale St. Blues; 3. Someday Sweetheart; 4. At the Jazz Band Ball

Joe Sullivan (December 18, 1963):

Joe Sullivan (piano).

1. Gin Mill Blues; 2. Squeeze Me; 3. Little Rock Getaway; 4. Memories of You; 5. Black and Blue

DVD 7:

Mel Torme Quartet (May 2, 1964):

Mel Torme (vocals); Gary Long (piano); Perry Lind (bass); Benny Barth (drums).

1. We've Got a World That Swings; 2. Comin' Home, Baby; 3. Sidney's Soliloquy; 4. Dat Dere; 5. When Sunny Gets Blue; 6. Quiet Night; 7. Route 66

Jimmy Witherspoon (January 4, 1962):

Jimmy Witherspoon (vocals); Ben Webster (tenor saxophone); Vince Guaraldi (piano); Monty Budwig (bass); Colin Bailey (drums).

1. Time's Getting Tougher; 2. Ain't Nobody's Biz-ness; 3. Cotton Tail; 4. Chelsea Bridge; 5. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town; 6. Roll 'Em

Carmen McRae (March 15, 1962):

Carmen McRae (vocals); Norman Simmons (piano); Victor Sproles (bass); Walter Perkins (drums).

1. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart; 2. Trouble Is a Man; 3. If You Never Fall in Love with Me; 4. 'Round Midnight; 5. Love for Sale; 6. Exactly Like You

Lambert-Hendricks-Babvan (February 22, 1963):

Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Yolanda Bavan (vocals); Pony Poindexter (alto saxophone); Gildo Mahones (piano); George Tucker (bass); Jimmy Smith (drums).

1. Sugar Hill Blues; 2. Another Get Together; 3. This Could Be the Start of Something Big; 4. Melba's Blues; 5. Shiny Stockings; 6. Cousin Mary; 7. Cloudburst

DVD 8:

Count Basie Quartet (August 21, 1968):

Count Basie (piano); Norman Keenan (bass); Freddie Green (guitar); Sonny Payne (drums).

1. I Don't Know; 2. Handful of Keys; 3. Untitled Blues; 4. Squeeze Me; 5. Twenty Minutes After Three; 6. As Long As I Live; 7. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight); 8. National Educational Televsion Blues

Earl Fatha Hines Trio (February 15, 1963):

Earl Hines (piano); John Green (bass); Earl Watkins (drums).

1. The One I Love Belongs to Someone Else; 2. Squeeze Me; 3. Love Is Just Around the Corner

Jimmy Rushing (October 26, 1962):

Jimmy Rushing (piano and vocals).

1. Goin' to Chicago; 2. Am I to Blame; 3. Baby, Don't You Tell on Me; 4. Good Morning Blues; 5. Trix Ain't Walkin' No More; 6. How Long Blues; 7. Blues

Louis Armstrong (January 23, 1963):

Louis Armstrong (vocals).

1. When It's Sleepy Time Down South; 2. Snake Rag; 3. Counting the Blues; 4. Skid-Dat-De-Dat; 5. Mack the Knife

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