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A Fireside Chat with The Cosmosamatics

By Published: December 20, 2004

AAJ: What is the proverb for maintaining intergrity?

SS: For the love. For the love. Whether I make any money or not, I was born with this spirit and I'm going to still remain true to the God given talent that he gave me because I love it. I just love this. And when you truly and dearly love something so much, you are going to endure anything and persevere to keep it alive. If you don't love it, you are being a false prophet. We can do without those false prophets.

AAJ: And the future?

MM: I did a follow up to Blue Reality on Black Saint with Tarus Mateen and Nasheet Waits. That will come out next year. I will be performing in January with that trio at the Blue Note in New York.

SS: Jewels (Boxholder) was recorded in August 8, 1991. That is the masterpiece of great saxophone artistic improvisation.

AAJ: Lofty reverence.

SS: During that period, I was playing a lot. This session came about through a challenge. The gentleman that wanted me to do this said, "Sonny, I don't think you can play 60 minutes non-stop." And so I took it to 70 minutes nonstop right in his home. They recorded it there and it stayed on the shelf a long time. I finally got it and it is out.

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Nuno Martins

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