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Jazz and the Net


By Published: December 13, 2004

They've seen this digital downloads thing coming for a long time, yet very few people have thought about how to use the power of this medium to reach more people...

I am so tired of technological glitches. The more complicated this world becomes, the more frustrated I have become.

Yet it's hard for me to imagine life without the Net. In fact, I am so wired its disgusting. I'm so dependent on these machines, I feel like the six million dollar man, without the hair. In fact, I'm a online junkie. Unless I'm connected, unless everything's working, I flip out. Well, not totally, but...

I've got a cable modem, the router, and the wireless cards in the laptops, which usually work. Usually.

Today, in preparation for this entry, about Apple's music store and other services selling digital music files I downloaded the latest version of I-Tunes. After the installation, it wouldn't connect to the I-Tunes Music Store. What?

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