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By Published: December 9, 2004
1.mingus in wondeland 2.coltrane—ascension..........the mostconfronting music ever made 3.mccoy tyner—impressions from Infinity.......this is a must for any fan of jazz piano or jazz in general 4. art pepper—road game 5.joe henderson—the elements 6.archie shepp—attica blues 7. albert ayler—new interesting departure 8.pharoah sanders—black unity 9.ben webster—soulville 10.brnford marsalis—the beautiful ones........not many can beat this in the modern era.

far more interesting than kind of blue.......dont you think

Date: 18-Oct-1998 13:01:43
From: Lars Auby ( )
Gary Bartz: Harlem Bush Music Art Ensemble Of Chicago: Fanfare For The Warriors Don Cherry: Complete Communion Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciouness Miles Davis: Dark Magus Herbie Hancock: Sextant Eddie Henderson: Realization Chick Corea: Song Of Singing Anthony Braxton: Five Pieces 1975 Andrew Hill: Andrew Paul Bley: Ramblin Yusef Lateef: The Blue... Courtney Pine: Modern Day Jazz Stories Pharoah Sanders: Karma Archie Shepp: The Way Ahead Sun Ra: Supersonic Jazz Miroslav Vitous: Infinite Search Jimmy Giuffre: Thesis

Date: 19-Oct-1998 17:35:24
From: Paul Abella ( )
Not that this one is obscure, but I just picked up Still Life talking by Pat Metheny, and although it may be a little smooth for some tastes, I really like it. For some more swingin' stuff by Metheny, Rejoicing (on ECM with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins)and Question and Answer (on Geffen with Roy Haynes and Dave Holland). Both of these are brilliant sessions. Enjoy!

Keep Your Ears Open, Paul

Date: 19-Oct-1998 19:33:42
From: Jp ( )
Good picks so far, so a few from no particular order

1) Billie Holiday Live at Monterey (Blackhawk) Late Lady Day amidst the planes of the festival. Great side work from Mulligan!

2) Weather Report Weather Report 1st (Columbia) When fusion was exciting and groundbreaking!

3) Eberhard Weber Yellow Fields (ECM) Modal jazzzz with a great feel. Charlie Mariano is exquisite!

4) Sonny Rollins Alfie Soundtrack (Impulse!) Sonny swings sooo very hard!

5) Dexter Gordon Our Man in Paris (Blue Note) Smooth and exciting, Dexter leaps!

6) Eric Dolphy Out There (New Jazz) The master on a tour of the outside...

7) Duke Ellington Live at the Plaza (Columbia) Duke rolls 'em, with cameo from Billie!

8) Wynton Marsalis Blood on the Fields (Columbia) A very strong, heartfelt work, though best heard live.

9) Keith Jarrett Live at the Blue Note (ECM) Jarrett at the top of his form?! Great interaction with DeJonette & Peacock!

Wild Card

10) Joni Mitchell Hissing of Summer Lawns (Elektra) Ok, give me this one. Joni has more jazzzz in her heart than any of these copycat wannbes today. Simply stunning, different album. Stereo Review called it simply "Joni Jazz," an apt description. Hear it and tell me what you think...

All best heard on Lp, of course!



Date: 20-Oct-1998 00:56:48
From: brett sroka ( )
Here's my two cents. These are some really great ELLINGTON albums that most of the jazz musicians I know haven't even heard: -ANATOMY OF A MURDER -MASTERPEICES BY ELLINGTON -SUCH SWEET THUNDER and how about MILES DAVIS -"L'ASCENSEUR POUR L'ECHAFAUD CHARLES MINGUS -THE COMPLETE TOWN HALL CONCERT or if you want some really obscure and truly great albums SAM RIVERS -CONTOURS a great bluenote album with FREDDIE HUBBARD and HERBIE HANCOCK ANDREW HILL -ONE FOR ONE another great bluenote alblum featuring FREDDIE HUBBARD and JOE HENDERSON ANDREW HILL -COMPULSION a very "out" but extraordinary record also with FREDDIE HUBBARD and JOHN GILMORE ANDREW HILL -QUARTET WITH SAM RIVERS this is extremely rare and extremely brilliant check out JASON MORAN's upcoming album on bluenote

Date: 20-Oct-1998 13:08:10
From: Phil Brown
How about: Shelia—Shelia Jordan African Piano—Dollar Brand

Some classics from 1970's UK Michael Gibbs by Michael Gibbs Celebration, Release by Mike Westbrook Edge of Time by Norma Winstone (though anything by her is good) Back Door by Back Door Perspectives—Stan Tracey Diversions—Bob Downes open Music


Date: 20-Oct-1998 16:35:03
From: mike kemper ( )
Those are some great picks and a lot of them bring back pleasant memories. I would just like to add the name Gerald Wilson for some of the best and most inventive "Big Band" writing and arranging ever recorded. The following titles are all on Pacific Jazz(if you can find them). "Orchestra Portraits" "The Golden Sword" "Viva Tirado" "Greatest Hits" The personnel include Harold Land, Bobby Hutcherson, Teddy Wilson, Carmel Jones, Bud Shank and a plethora of west coast players.

Date: 20-Oct-1998 17:51:57
From: Karl Tiderman ( )
Some great but (fairly) obscure albums you all should listen to:

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