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By Published: December 9, 2004
Date: 04-Dec-1998 06:21:45
From: Jos? Domingos Raffaelli ( )
Jonathan Kranz,

Sorry for my delay about the TCB albums. I was not well succeeded to give you all informations, but here is what I got after some weeks (in between I went to New York, but this is another story).

TCB-1001—Title: Gettin'It Together—Yusef Lateef, Freddie Hubbard, Curtis Fuller, Walter Bishop Jr., Buddy Catlett and Stu Martin.

Tunes: Chantized / Flutie / If I Were A Bell / But Beautiful / Do I Love You ? / The Court / Mr. L /

Warwick W50038 ST—Title: The Soul of Jazz Percussion Collective personnel: Booker Little, Donald Byrd, Don Ellis and Marcus Belgrave (trumpets) // Curtis Fuller (trombone // Pepper Adams (baritone sax) // Mal Waldron and Bill Evans (piano) // Paul Chambers and Addison Farmer (bass) // Philly Joe Jones and Eddie Shaughnessy (drums) // Willie Rodriguez, Armando Perazza and Earl; Zindars (percussion)

Tunes: Construction Crew (Waldron) Ping Pong Beer (Evans/Chambers/Philly Joe) Call To Arms (Waldron) Witch-Fire (Booker Little) November Afternoon (Tom McIntosh) Chasin' The Bird (Charlie Parker) Prophecy (Alonzo Levister) Quiet Temple (Waldron) Wee-Tina (Shaughnessy)

But I'm still looking informations about the Donald Byrd album.

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