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Great, but obscure albums to purchase

By Published: December 9, 2004
OK, I lied. I did have something to add. This was my first posting on this forum, I hope to join you again...



Date: 17-Dec-1998 15:07:37
From: Henry Koch ( )
Here are three recordings which may not be timeless "greats," but neither do they deserve to be out of print.

1) Charles Lloyd Quartet: Of Course, Of Course

Lloyd's second record for Columbia made in the mid 60's. A tight, working quartet including Ron Carter, Tony Williams, and Hungarian Gabor Szabo on guitar. All originals.

2) Don Pullen/George Adams Quartet: Song Everlasting

This is my favorite recording by this band and I can't understand why Blue Note dropped it from the catalog. I've been trying to find their first Blue Note "BreakThrough" which has been widely reccommended and haven't located it.

Joe Turner/Count Basie: The Bosses

A very good time was had by all including a Norman Granz all star sextet with Harry Edison, Zoot Sims, Ray Brown and Eddie Davis. Joe Turner in fine shouting form. Don't know if this is out of print, but I never see it mentioned anywhere and it is really a good time record.

Date: 17-Dec-1998 21:41:36
From: John MacLeod
Here are some that *I* think are relatively obscure [no Bird, Monk, Miles, Billie, Duke, Trane, Metheny, etc.] but I keep returning to them over and over:

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