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Manuel Galban: Music Is My Life

By Published: December 8, 2004
MG: Firstly I was a bit nervous of playing with Ry, but little by little I felt more confident. We have different techniques and styles, but we fit very well together, both in the musical and personal sphere. We chose the repertoire together and learned from each other; I have learned from him and he learned from me, especially the Cuban rhythm. I think that music in general has different styles of interpretation, but it has the same origin.

AAJ: You're part of Ibrahim Ferrer's backing band. You played on his 2 last solo albums and you're part of the touring band. What can you tell me about this experience?

MG: It was a big experience and everyday you learn something new. Ibrahim Ferrer's Buenos Hermanos was recorded at the same time as Mambo Sinuendo , and I took part in both recording processes, but at Mambo Sinuendo I am much more integrated as I do the basis and some arrangements, I share the piano with Roberto Fonseca and Chucho Valdés. I also play organ and electric guitar. Demetrio Muñiz, the musical director of Ibrahim Ferrer's band, also participates at the arrangements for the live shows.

AAJ: What is the best thing when it comes to working with these exceptional people?

MG: Music is something that I have very deep inside of me and it is part of my life. I think that all musicians who play with Ibrahim Ferrer on his band are like "good brothers" ( Buenos Hermanos ), and we give to our audience the best of us, each song is performed with parts of our heart and love.

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