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By Published: December 3, 2004
Although Effendi has freelancers who take care of graphics, running the website, translations and other tasks, Bedard and Therrien still basically run the label themselves. And finding a balance between running Effendi and pursuing their own musical careers is quite a challenge. "There are times when concerts, tours and CD launches happen simultaneously and then there are months where we have practically nothing to do," Therrien said. "Selling more CDs would mean that we could afford to hire more people, which is why we're trying to find distribution in other countries." The next discs scheduled for release this month are Polychromy by Jean-Christophe Beney, a French tenor saxophonist; and one by Canadian bassist Michel Donato entitled Michel Donato et ses amis europeens.

In discussing the choice of the label's name, Therrien revealed a deeper meaning behind the choice, which in effect serves as the label's mission statement. "The Greek root of "effendi" is afentis, which means "capacity to create" or "to master something". For us, it relates to jazz easily. That's why our motto is "Effendi - Master of Performance."

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