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Mahavishnu Project: Live at The Point, Cardiff UK

By Published: November 18, 2004
"Tomorrow's Story not the Same," the concluding part of this suite saw the band really kicking it at last as Bendian's use of the double bass drums brought reminders of Cobham's famous boogaloo which powered the MO along many a stellar highway.

The crowd responded in rapture like a bunch of teens at a "greatest hits" pop concert. Individual favourites were met with gasps and cries of expectant excitement and the band responded with thanks "to all you music-lovers" and an encore of "The Dance of Maya," albeit a tightly reined in reading without the long boogie-woogie middle section of which the original band was so enamoured.

Speaking to the band after the show there was a sense that all of them had been truly touched by this music at some point in their lives and that whilst not so overtly reverential, there was no doubt that all of them keenly felt the impetus of that mystical musical force that was the Mahavishnu Orchestra some thirty years previous.

Truly it was a Meeting of the Spirits.

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