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Stefon Harris Quartet

By Published: March 12, 2004
Harris explained to the audience that he composed the final number, "Epilogue," just after Wynton Marsalis and Stanley Crouch called to inform him of his inspiration's, Milt Jackson's, death. Crouching behind the vibes to allow the audience to view Evans' flowing introduction, Harris delivered an elegy consisting of half-noted meditation, interspersing some of Jackson's trademark phrasing with two mallets.

And then a concert of energetic luminescence ended with a reverential glow.

Outside of the Wexner Center, thousands of folding chairs had been set up for Ohio State's spring quarter graduation ceremonies the next morning. Soon-to-be exited students conversed in small groups. Proud, emotionally choked parents accompanied their sons and daughters to the university's arranged activities that night. On June 9, they were to witness the declared finishing of their children's degreed studies and the commencement into final adulthood and professional development.

Meanwhile, the Stefon Harris Quartet prepared to move on to its next concert with the hopeful commencement of Harris' long career as one of jazz' leading vibraphonists.

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