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The Power of Jazz Happens At Big Sur JazzFest

By Published: March 8, 2004
The spirit of experimentation continued at Fernwood with Living Daylights playing some of the best soul and funk jazz of the festival. Saxophonist Jessica Lurie, bassist Arne Livingston,and drummer Dale Fanning released enough energy into the night sky to keep California lit up for the next year! Playing songs from their CD ELECTRIC ROSARY, this talented trio had everyone on their feet dancing to the funky grooves of Lurie’s great sax lines. She can wail and tonight’s performance is sure to garner them much more attention since they made quite an impression on the packed house.

The weekend of jazz at Big Sur is truly one of the best festivals in the USA because of its great setting, the remarkable talent and the creativity of its residents, volunteers and staff. Presented in conjunction with the Big Sur Arts Initiative the Sixth Annual Big Sur JazzFest can be re-lived on May 27th by logging on to The entire concert will be streamed, so be there!

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