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Chick Corea

By Published: October 30, 2004
CC: The values that Scientology states are universal values. Values that any good mother or father or friend couldn't possibly disagree with. They're the values of health and improvement. It's not a belief system where you have to sign up and believe something particularly. People of all religions study Hubbard, and Hubbard himself encouraged religions to flourish because in our day and age, in our mechanized society, what is lacking is the humanities and people with faith and beliefs. So that's one of our operations. We encourage that. I require a certain amount of ethics from anybody I work with.

Recommended Listening

– Chick Corea - Tones for Joan's Bones (Atlantic, 1966)

– Chick Corea - Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (Solid State-Blue Note, 1968)

– Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (Columbia, 1969)

– Circle - Paris-Concert (ECM, 1971)

– Chick Corea - Remembering Bud Powell (Stretch, 1997)

– Chick Corea - Rendezvous in New York (Stretch, 2003)

Photo Credit
Skip Bolen

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