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Joshua Redman: Music is Paramount

By Published: November 2, 2004
The concert is one of the few Redman has done as a headliner this year. He's toured as a sideman, and in the spring was involved as artistic director of the SFJazz spring season, an organization that founded the San Francisco Jazz Festival. Redman has directed SFJazz's spring performance series for five years, and this year a resident ensemble was created, "designed to be a kind of composer's collective, a workshop. We got eight musicians from around the country, each of whom was a composer and a leader in his or her own right, to come together for five weeks to jam and rehearse and work on new music for three weeks, then go on the road for another two weeks. This was our first year, so that took up much of my time in the spring, and I'll also do that next spring. I'm starting to gear up for that again."

Bobby Hutcherson, Miguel Zenon, Nicholas Payton, Josh Roseman, Renee Rosnes, Robert Hurst and Brian Blade are the other collective members.

As far as his own projects, Redman said he is still involved with the Elastic Band that began in 2002 and produced a well-regarded CD ( Elastic ). "It's a little bit more of a groove-based project than some of the things I've done before. It uses electric, as well as acoustic instruments." The group finished a new recording in February, but in the interim the label, Warner Brothers, was sold and eliminated its jazz department, said Redman.

"It wasn't clear where I was going to go and what was going to happen. Because of that, even though the record was done, it didn't get released. Now it looks like I'm going to remain on Warner Brothers. I'm going to be on a label called Nonesuch, which is a subsidiary. They're going to release the record, hopefully, in the spring of next year. Then I'll start touring again heavily with that band."

So Redman rolls with the punches and comes out fine. He says: "Certainly, it's important to have an awareness of the business of music. But the central thing has to be your passion for music and the love of music. And I think that's why most people would want to be musicians."

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