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Rachel Z Shocks the Bunny

By Published: February 25, 2003

AAJ: It doesn't mean anything unless you're saying something and that's the only way you can say it.

RZ: Yeah. So l hope for me, my development is personal and that will just make my music better.

AAJ: I think that may be actually one of the most difficult challenges there is. To find out who you are, musically and then get that out. Because there's so many other things that we're attracted to - the Wayne Shorter's and Miles and 'Trane - and we'd all like to gravitate towards these different camps.

RZ: And it takes a long time to master those styles.

AAJ: Yeah, it does. But you almost have to avoid that danger of absorbing too much and become typecast and become basically a disciple and not become what you could've become or should've become. They could only copied so much and weren't going to become icons if they had just followed one person, like Bud Powell or Bird. But they had to follow their voice. We should all be so lucky.

RZ: (laughs) Yeah, but if you really listen that voice is there. I think there's so much loud stuff. Like right now I'm looking out the window, there's a Border's, a Filene's basement and a Marshall Fields and a Walgreens Pharmacy. l hear some trumpet and there's a Neiman Marcus and a Saks.

AAJ: Ok. (laughs)

RZ: l'd like to work on some financial planning for musicians. It's hard to organize any part of your life.

AAJ: The little money you come into is probably going to go into equipment or something.

RZ: Mmhm (laughs). Like, for example, you go on the road, you're lonely so instead you drink. I'm just in a weird stage. Like l usually talk to my fianc' and I'm trying to stabilize my finances and also write lyrics for this thing. This time I hired a marketing director. He's amazing, he's second in command at HMV records. Bob Williams. He tracks how many units are where, he inspires people to do things. With jazz musicians they pretty much don't think you're going to sell any anyway. And we're hoping to have a record company someday. So dealing with somebody like that pushes you to pay attention to your career. And also thinking about Peter's music. I have a lot of work in the band. He's got a lot of chord changes and I'm singing backups and dancing. It's so good.

AAJ: Well I really do appreciate this. I had a good time.

RZ: Oh man, thank you. Me too. It's great when it's a musician. And hopefully we'll see you on this tour somehow, or try to get to SA. Alright, Mike.

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