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David Sanchez: A Candid Look at Music and Business, Part 1 of 2

By Published: November 1, 2004

AAJ: And they may be checking out you. Or they might be checking out just Chris Potter or Mark Turner.

DS: Exactly. Great, great! Beautiful, great - check everything. But don't forget. Really check everything. This is very important. You must do that in order to have different perspectives. Like Sonny Rollins for instance. Oh my idol, Senator Sonny Rollins. How close is this to Coleman Hawkins? You really see a lot of the sound, a lot of the attitude comes from Coleman Hawkins. Sometimes from one player, there is a bridge to another earlier guy. It's a way for you to get to all the players. A young guy listens to Sonny Rollins. Sonny Rollins is my idol but his sound and attitude come from Coleman Hawkins. Dexter Gordon. From the first time I heard Dexter on record in Puerto Rico, I did not know anything about jazz but I immediately connected with that sound. And that helped lead me to Lester Young that I was not that familiar with. Or the same for Stan Getz also. Check it out. That's Prez. Comes from the line of Prez.

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