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Jose and Nomar Negroni

By Published: November 11, 2004

AAJ: You chose to rework a few standards such as George Gershwin's "Summertime" and Wayne Shorter's "Footprints". Both of these tunes have been interpreted time and again. In light of that fact how did you manage to come up with such fresh interpretations of these two timeworn standards?

JN: What one tends to "feel" in these two tracks is the "young" side of the trio. Namely, Jaime and Nomar.

AAJ: Jose, Naturaleza , paid tribute to the music and spirit of Puerto Rico. Do you feel that the folkloric rhythms of Puerto Rico receive the attention they deserve on an international level? It seems that the music of Cuba has always been more popular with the general public. In your opinion, why is that?

JN: The popularity of Cuban music is well deserved. Cuban music (and culture) is solid, rhythmically, harmonically and melodically. The music of Puerto Rico has the same attributes and has always been featured by Puerto Ricans as well as artists of other persuasions. Today there is a new generation of jazz musicians that perform native Puerto Rican music (rhythms). These young virtuosos are taking our music around the world and presenting it with a fresh, new outlook.

AAJ: Jose, you have been described as having, "a complete command of the keyboard, with amazing classical technique, jazz chops and the ability to throw down the clave and rumba rhythms at will." Over the years you have built a strong following in the Miami area. Any plans to perform in New York in the foreseeable future?

JN: Your words have obligated me to continue learning about this grand instrument called the piano. Thank you for having the sensibility to take notice of said details. Yes, our plans include bringing our music to New York and the rest of the world. Last February we performed at New York's Satalla. It was a great experience!

AAJ: Jose/Nomar: What recordings do you enjoy listening to at home or in your spare time?

JN: Chick Corea's Electric Band & Acoustic Band Trio. Also, (saxophonist) Miguel Zenon.

AAJ: Coincidentally, Miguel Zenon is one of my favorite musicians. I had the good fortune of interviewing Miguel some time ago. I make it a point to catch Miguel live whenever possible. He currently resides in New York.

NN: The latest recording of Chick Corea Electric Band [ To the Stars ], Michael Brecker's Don't Try This at Home and Miguel Zenon's Ceremonial.

AAJ: Like father, like son! Are there any particular artists that stand out in your mind?

JN: Yes, Puerto Rico's own Miguel Zenon!

AAJ: When will Negroni's Trio be released?

JN: Yes, it was released on August 17, 2004 through Universal Music Latino.

AAJ: Much success with Negroni's Trio. A very impressive effort indeed. I look forward to catching the Trio live (in New York) in the near future.

JN/NN: Thank You.

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