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Divine Reeves

By Published: March 8, 2004
As for drummer Gregory Hutchinson, one should point out that he, as well as the rest of the supporting cast, simply rendered resourceful support for Reeves and ingeniously refreshing solos. Reeves was very generous with her musicians allowing the quartet to explore the reigning dynamics and good vibes, as well as letting them, like any good jazz leader, to stretch themselves in exploratory delights. Percussionist Daryl “Munyungo” Jackson was the other leg of this equine-strong quartet that took Reeves on their collective backs towards a triumph in a jazz Triple Crown of a concert.

Although the facilities were beyond reproach, they should consider employing a couple more bartenders for taking care of the audience during the brief 15-minute intermissions in activities such as these. Aside from that, this was the best sound mix in a musical concert I have heard in close to 10 years in Florida, which does not shine in that regard. Of course, the acoustic properties of the Kravis Center are an industry’s standard.

To the entire Kravis Center Staff, Dianne Reeves, Daryl “Munyungo” Jackson, Greg Hutchinson, Peter Martin, Reuben Rogers and all those involved in any capacity with this event, I simply say: thank you.

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